As President and founder of Bungalow Revival, Gilbert Joseph Perez oversees the overall operations of the company as well as designing all projects. Gilbert brings over 20 years of experience in residential design, and has been registered with the Texas Board of Architects since 1994. Prior to starting Bungalow Revival in 2003, Gilbert was recognized for his work as an interior designer and expertise in historical restorations through the years.

Gilbert holds a B.S. from Florida International University.

Nick is a graduate of St. Thomas University and holds a BBA in Accounting. He joined Bungalow Revival in 2009 as the Operations Manager. Nick is responsible for all the day to day accounting activities, as well as project management and client relations. Prior to joining Bungalow Revival, Nick held management positions in the IT and Banking industries. He brings over 30 years of experience in administration and customer relations.