American Bungalow
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Meet Gilbert Joseph Perez on a tour through his home town, in the Houston Heights. This video will provide a bit of insight into the philosophy behind the artistry that goes into these magnificent renovations.

The Houston Heights, one of the earliest planned communities in Texas, is located 4 miles northwest of Downtown Houston.  This is a short video, created by Cressandra Thibodeaux, highlighting many of the businesses and people who are part of the Houston Heights.

Old-growth trees produce lumber with rich character. Houses built before 1940s were constructed of trees that had grown slowly for centuries. With a little foresight, a derelict house can be remodeled into a picturesque paradise. New owners can bring the past back to life.

Fine old houses make fine friends. Beyond providing sturdy shelter, they can turn daydreams into creative endeavors, illuminate history, and speak to your soul. Sit quetly in a home of a certain age - you'll be uplifted by handcrafted architecture, embraced by elemental materials such as wood and stone, and comforted by others whose lives played out under the same roof.